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Skull Face

Is it really June 15th? It's incredible how fast time really does fly, especially when you're stuck at home.

It's hard to go into the craft stores these days (IN JUNE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE) and see pumpkins and boxes and boxes of CHRISTMAS stuff coming out. We haven't even made it to the 4th of July yet! It happens every year and I think I say the same thing every year LOL! Actually, I think they typically start in July NOT yea, what's up with that, they ARE starting earlier!!! Ugh!

With the times we are living in being so uncertain, so unsettling, and so depressing, I decided to create something that will make me, and hopefully all of you, smile or at the very least grin :)

So look at this bad boy! Somewhat of a cross between a Sugar Skull, Day of the Dead, and Ed Hardy lol. He isn't quite complete yet but I thought I would give a sneak peek at what I have been working on.

I will also be working on his home site soon. Pondering some greatness for his home! But the one below is well on his way!

Now this awesome purple top hat skull guy is already being placed into his home. I can't wait to finish him and show you guys what a masterpiece he is (if I do say so myself lol).

Stay tuned for more magical madness from this MOB girl!!

Have a great week and eat some ice cream :) .....

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