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"I started Designs By The MOB because I just saw too many naked doors"  


Meet Melanie....

The journey began.....

In 2016 I had been laid off from a job that I dearly loved and had been at for 10 years, I was devastated.  Not only was it a company I had hoped to retire with, it was our primary income at the time.  


It was close to Easter and I had decided to spend my time "crafting" and not feeling sorry for myself. 


My own door at the time was naked.  We couldn't really afford for me to spend much on my crafting items, but I had enough from previous projects to create an Easter wreath for my door. 


My neighbor saw it and asked me to make her one as well.  We went to the craft store and she bought the supplies.  Once her wreath was proudly placed on her door a family member admired it and asked where she got it? 


The next thing I knew I had made four more Easter wreaths and was paid for my time.  I couldn’t believe it.


Since then my designs have won two awards which I proudly display.  Stay tuned for 2020...


A desire to create a product that not only looks amazing

but will last for more than just one season.

Being crafty came naturally to me. 


Growing up, my Mom made all of my and my sisters' clothes.  Whether it was for school, prom, extracurricular activities, or special occasions, Mom would create a one-of-a-kind piece for us to wear.  Of which I still have those special pieces some 40 years later.


I was fortunate enough to learn to sew from the best, in my mind anyway. I also had an older sister who taught me at a very early age how to embroider and do cross stitch.


The gifts I was able to create for family members for birthdays or holidays at such a young age meant far more to them than I realized at the time. 


Those crafts were something I could afford to do that were of quality because of the techniques I had been taught.

Those techniques turned into a talent that gave me an eye for detail and a non-wavering choice for quality products. 



All of my wreaths are made of the highest quality materials, hand-made by me in the USA, and sprayed with an acrylic protectant to help guard from fading and insects. 

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to create a unique and beautiful piece for you, a friend, or loved one.


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