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Almost Fall?

Greetings everyone!! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Well, here we are, almost at the end of August, can you believe it? Most of us have been stuck at home, quarantined for 5 months now. We have cleaned, organized, sorted, and cleaned again!! We've made needed repairs, completed those long over due tasks, rearranged furniture, closets, and cupboards! The quarantine has also allowed us more time to catch up on reading, learning new trades and/or crafts, and watching LOTS of movies! I have personally enjoyed being able to devote more time to my crafts, not so much to the cleaning stuff though. One thing is very evident to me though and that is my adorable little dog, Hogan, will be in for a super rude awakening once we do go back to work. That little dog was spoiled PRE he's just over the top spoiled. I can already hear him saying "what do you mean I won't have your lap to lay in ALL DAY LONG anymore?" I love that little dog to death though. he's my heart!

With so much time passing us by I wonder if everyone realizes that there are 69 days until Halloween, 95 days until Thanksgiving, and 124 days until Christmas? Yep I said it, 124 days until Christmas :) Hard to believe! But I also can't help but wonder in these unprecedented times how will everyone spend their holidays this year? Do we just cancel 2020 altogether? Can we have a do over please? So many celebrations were canceled and others just left on hold. I believe staying positive is important during these times, even as hard as it is. If you need a friend, call a friend. Let's check up on each other and stay in touch, it's important.

In the meantime, enjoy my Halloween tote that I finished and will be taking with me to display at my next craft show in September. Be on the look out also for upcoming information on all of my upcoming craft shows.

In meantime, stay safe and healthy!

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