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Hanging A Wreath

How should a wreath be hung? Or maybe a better question is how should a wreath NOT be hung? So many times we buy items not realizing the proper way they should be displayed. I've done it with items and then over time realized wow, I screwed that up!

I use stainless steel rings on all of my wreaths. A wreath should NEVER be hung by its frame. Over time it will not only deface your door but jeopardize the integrity of the frame. Not to mention it is NOT very secure.

The rings I use on all of my wreaths are securely attached with two heavy duty zip ties, sometimes with three depending upon the weight of the creation. This allows the metal frame to not move around on our door leaving scratches all over. When possible, I also cover the back of my wreaths, especially when there is a center focus. That will also help protect the back of the wreath AND your door.

It's also my birthday week, this is a Happy Birthday wreath I made. Hard to believe this much time has flown by (not saying exactly how much ok?) ;)

I am hoping to be able to go out to dinner or something on Friday, June 26, which is my actual birthday, but this pandemic has just about ruined everything great... #notcooking!

I did get an early birthday present though which I LOVE! Since being quarantined I have been able to sew a lot MORE, which I also love as much as creating wreaths. I realized quickly though that I wasn't very good at fitting myself, I actually suck. But now, I have a body double. My husband allowed me to buy a sewing body form (which I had to add a little padding to in certain areas lol) it was the perfect gift, I love her! Kinda spooky when walking by the room though where I sew and seeing her headless form in the shadows lol!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Blog post and that it has offered you some useful information.

My wish to all this week and always is to stay healthy and be kind where you can. Also, don't forget to share a smile, it's free!

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