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How to Store Ribbon

Well, I think Summer is finally here in Texas. We have been sporting the 90s for several days now and I am wishing I had a nice refreshing pool to jump into, especially during these quarantined times that we're trying to live through.

So instead, I have opted to stay inside, in my cool, air-conditioned craft room. I have finally started receiving my supply orders again

which included some fabulous and quite beautiful ribbons. While sorting through my new ribbons it occurred to me that not all crafters or anyone really, may realize what is the best way to secure and store your ribbons, that is, if you have a lot like me! The number one thing NOT to do is put a rubber band around them. I see this so many times and it makes me just cringe. It not only puts a crease in the ribbon but the components from the rubber band can sometimes leave a sticky residue if left on there for any length of time. What do I use you ask? Well, let me tell you. I buy good sewing dress pins, the longer ones, and push those into the end of the ribbon. It keeps the ribbon nice and taunt with NO CREASES or RESIDUE. I have a magnetic bowl, pictured here, that houses my pins and when I grab a roll of ribbon, I take the pin out and place it into the bowl where it is easy to find. Of course a pin cushion will work just as well too.

Storing my ribbon was a challenge, because of the magnitude of rolls that I have. I make a lot of wreaths which requires a lot of ribbon. I am fortunate to have a husband who is very creative and quite handy. The picture of my ribbon rack here is just ONE of the racks that my husband built and painted for me. I feel like it is the ultimate way to store my ribbon (and yes, I have overflow on top lol). For me, I didn't want them on a dowel type of a system because inevitably the one ribbon I would want would be in the middle and I would have to take all of the others off just to get to the one I wanted. My current rack allows me to just walk up, grab the ribbon that I want, and just place it back when I'm done (with my pin in it of course ;) ), super efficient!

I hope you find my tips worth trying, trust me, it really is the best way to keep your beautiful ribbons nice and crisp.

Also, with Fall just around the corner, my creative mind has been in overdrive. I will be sharing some super, super cute Halloween wreaths along with some really fabulous Fall wreaths in the coming months. Stay tuned for those upcoming ideas along with the future craft shows that are scheduled.

Stay safe!


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