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Happy New Year to everyone, I'm a little late on that. What a crazy crazy 2020 it was, or insane and ridiculous, all of those descriptions are applicable to me for sure. Can 2021 be better? YOU BET! I have everything crossed that it will be better, fingers, toes, eyes....LOL.

Because of the pandemic my husband lost his job last March. We have blown through 10 months' worth of savings which is incredible to me (thankfully we had it). But at some point in time you have to cut your losses and move on. That is why we have sold our beautiful custom home and are in the midst of closing on another home this month. Happy pre Valentine's Day!

Our loss is your gain, literally! To keep from having to move 100% of my business, I am offering a 50% Off Flash Sale. Everything in inventory is literally half off. If there is something you have been eyeing and just haven't pulled the trigger on, well now is the time. The most popular items will not last so don't delay, get your order in quick and please save me the time of moving it (thanks in advance on that one). Below are just a few of the items. Happy shopping ya'll!

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